Unify all your data and make sure it is available at all times while complying with current Personal Data Protection laws.

Registrations and de-registrations
Transport, canteens, swimming pools, etc.
Attendance control
Family members
Social welfare
Meeting manager
Activity manager
Agenda manager
Daily records
Individual plans
Individual plans
Quality indicators
Generation of XML files
Company surveys
Incident monitoring
Job banks
Employment contracts
Absentee records
Services and activities
Private and semi-private entities

Social sic

Gestión de servicios y actividades
  • Complete high-tech functional solution for the immediate future based on mobility.
  • Consensual opinion groups with creative and interdisciplinary criteria
  • Dynamic programmes adapted to every centre’s needs.
  • Unified development and service in the same company and working team.
  • Progressive and sustained improvement of functionalities.
  • Affordable prices and guarantees for clients.
  • Extensive portfolio of clients with high satisfaction levels
  • Corporate social responsibility payback as a company philosophy.